Are you Eco-friendly?

We are passionate about making a positive difference to the environment. Organic farming ensures the sustainability of nature by using the kindest farming techniques for the land and the animals themselves.

At WHEY AHEAD®, we ensure everything we do keeps the environment in mind, that's why we've left no stone unturned in ensuring all our packaging is eco-friendly. Our packaging is made from Forest Stewardship Council (‘FSC’) approved kraft paper and our labels also use FSC mix paper and eco-friendly inks. You can read our blog article on our packaging here.

Our protein scoops and shakers are made from Bisphenol A (‘BPA’) free plastic to ensure no chemicals ‘leak’ into our product and they are recyclable. Our shipping cartons are also FSC approved. We are constantly thinking of other ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Drop us a line with any suggestions at hello@wheyahead.com

Are the products tested?

Yes they are! Each batch of WHEY AHEAD is independently tested to validate the nutrient content. Copies of our certificates can be downloaded as a PDF.

This is not required by law, but we feel it is an important assurance for you, our customer.

Are you certified and if so, by which body?

Yes, we are certified by the leading UK organic control body; Organic Farmers & Growers Association ('OF&G') and have gone through a rigorous certification process where every step of our supply chain is traceable and inspected. We are proud to be certified as organic and bear the OF&G logo as well as the EU organic leaf logo on all our products.

Is WHEY AHEAD® a protein concentrate or isolate?

This is important. WHEY AHEAD is a protein concentrate. This is the purest form of whey protein because, unlike whey protein isolate, it does not undergo any further manufacturing processes to bolster the protein content. It means that our protein is undenatured so the nutritional benefits of organic milk are not eroded and the whey retains higher levels of Omega 3 & 6.

Is your protein undenatured?

Yes, due to the fact that our protein is a concentrate (purest form), it does not go through additional processing at high temperatures. It therefore retains as much nutritional value as possible and does not get denatured.

What is the BCAA content?

Our organic training supplements are the highest possible quality and we're pleased to say there is therefore over 18g of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) per 100g which works out at over 6g per serving. A full breakdown on Amino Acids can been viewed on our Naked/Unflavoured organic whey protein product page. We also wrote a blog article on BCAAs.

What does organic mean?

Well, it’s easier to explain what’s not organic...!

The food and drink we consume can come from natural sources such as plants and animals. Often though, the processes used to grow plants and rear animals is made faster to produce greater quantities, by using artificial chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers, hormones and in worst cases, genetic modification ('GMO'). This is not organic.

In order to be certified as organic, nothing can be interfered with in this way and GMO is a huge NO NO. Organic processes use nothing but natural fertilisers such as manure and do not treat animals, in our case cows, with chemicals such as hormones or antibiotics.

Organic farmers respect the environment and promote sustainability throughout the eco-system. The protection and survival of the natural environment is at the heart of #GoOrganic. We have a responsibility to make a positive impact. Rather than quick fix, cheaper production methods, organic farming invests the time and care to do things properly (how nature intended). Think of it as clean, sustainable farming.

You can watch our short video explaining 'what is organic' here.

What are the benefits of organic?

We believe there is a direct connection between how organic food and drink is produced and our health.

WHEY AHEAD® organic protein comes from organic, grass-fed, free-range cows’ milk. These cows are free-range and feed on grass and fodder, which is pesticide (chemical) free so there is no chance of these chemicals entering our food-chain. The animals are not treated with any hormones or antibiotics and their welfare is key.

So what is special about WHEY AHEAD organic whey protein? Well, studies show organically produced milk is nutritionally different to milk from cows raised on non-organic dairy farms.

Research has shown that no other farming system produces milk with higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids or a healthier balance of omega 6, both of which are key to health and muscle repair. 

Are your products suitable for Vegetarians?

We're pleased to say that all our products are 100% suitable for vegetarians. We do not use animal rennet to make our whey protein. 

Are your products gluten & soy free?

Yes, all our products are gluten & soy free and also suitable for vegetarians. 

Is your protein Kosher/Halal?

We are not certified as Kosher or Halal. However, no other animal products are used to make our whey other than organic milk from grass-fed cows. 

How much protein is there per serving of WHEY AHEAD?

We are pleased to say that there is a massive 27g of protein per 35g serving of WHEY AHEAD (naked/unflavoured).

How should I use WHEY AHEAD?

We recommend mixing 1 heaped scoop (approx. 35g) of our protein powder with 150-200ml of liquid (water or milk) for your regular post-workout protein shake. We prefer ours with 150ml but it's up to you! A lot of our customers add our organic whey protein to their smoothies, recipes & porridge to increase the protein content of their favourite foods. 

What is your naked flavour?

Naked flavour is simply unflavoured. Nothing is added, everything is gained! It is just pure WHEY AHEAD organic whey protein concentrate as it comes.

How much protein should I consume?

Protein should be consumed as part of a healthy, balanced and varied diet. Protein helps with the growth and maintenance of lean muscle and good health.

The UK Government recommends a reference nutrient intake ('RNI') of 0.8g protein per kg of bodyweight per day for adults with no special dietary requirements*. You can read our blog article on this here.

As with all guidance though, the amount of protein you consume will depend on your unique physiology, your fitness and goals. Elite athletes eat approximately 2kg protein per kg of bodyweight. 

*RNI for average female with no special dietary requirements and an assumed energy intake of 2,000 kcals. Important: This information is a guide and not individual advice.

What is the kcal/protein/carb/fat breakdown of WHEY AHEAD?

For each 35g serving, there is:

Naked/Unflavoured: 127 kcals | 27g protein | 3.5g carb | 0.6g fat

Peruvian Chocolate: 125 kcals | 20g protein | 8.4g carb | 1.0g fat

Madagascan Vanilla: 123 kcals | 20g protein | 7.4g carb | 1.0g fat

Are your shakers BPA-free?

Yes, our protein scoops and shakers are made from Bisphenol A (‘BPA’) free plastic to ensure no chemicals ‘leak’ into our products and they are fully recyclable.

I'm an athlete, have your products been screened for anti-doping?

Yes, our Peruvian Chocolate flavour organic whey protein has been Informed Sport screened and we have a certificate of analysis available for athletes upon request. 

How can I become a brand ambassador of WHEY AHEAD?

To become a WHEY AHEAD brand ambassador, please contact us at hello@wheyahead.com and we will talk you through the application process.