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  • Why Organic September is so important to us!
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Why Organic September is so important to us!

It's September, which for us means a month of organic madness! Each year organic farms, producers, restaurants, cafes, independent shops and online stores like ours come together to celebrate the great and the good about organic food & drink. And there really is a lot to smile about:)

Organic September is important to us because it's an opportunity to inform more people about the true benefits which organic goods have to offer. 

There are many reasons why certified organic products are better for you and you can read about these here. If you only need one reason though, for us, it's:


What do we mean by this? Nasty ingredients include anything artificial or man-made. We're talking about the addition of laboratory created chemicals in foodstuffs which supposedly 'enhance' the food and drink we consume to give it better taste or longer shelf life (there are many other justifications given by industry). Call us old-fashioned but this isn't natural! The Soil Association slogan which we're supporting this September is #FOODASITSHOULDBE which is a great way of putting it!

Before these different chemicals, additives, sweeteners, emulsifiers, E-numbers, colours etc were invented, food was more along the lines of - farm to fork. Food and drink was produced on farms and then transported to market where it was bought and consumed. A simple model. 

The other side of the chemical coin is chemicals used in farming itself. Not only are consumables pumped full of different nasties post-production but their growth is also 'enhanced' through the use of chemicals. There are two parts to this 1) crops and 2) livestock. Let's talk about crops first. The types of chemicals used on crops come in the form of artificial fertilisers to help them to grow, pesticides to kill any insects which eat the crops or disease which affect them, and worst of all, genetic modification which alters the genetic structure of the crops themselves. The genetic modification changes the plant so that it can grow bigger and faster or perhaps into a different shape so it's easier to package. The result is a genetically modified organism or commonly called 'GMO'. You might be thinking, what's the harm in all this? The truth is that nobody really knows. There is a lot of studies and research into the effects but ultimately, it comes down to personal choice. For us, we'd rather leave nature as it should have been - unaltered or 'as nature intended'. Human interference may have unforeseen consequences which we'd like to avoid.

The second part is the use of chemicals on livestock. This is the part that is more relevant to WHEY AHEAD because our organic whey protein comes from grass-fed, organic cow's milk. Saying that, if fertilisers etc are used on the grass which the cow's eat, you would still have chemicals entering the food-chain! However, luckily for us, with certified organic farms, this wouldn't happen. The types of chemicals used on animals generally are antibiotics to prevent or cure disease and illness, and hormones to stimulate growth or enhance fertility etc. In organic farms, the routine use of antibiotics and steroids/hormones is banned. The result is a cleaner, healthier, more natural animal with a guarantee that any end product, in our case milk, is not contaminated. The end consumers (i.e. us!) therefore don't end up with these chemicals in our bodies. 

If any of this has resonated with you, we encourage you to get involved with Organic September this month and help support UK organics! Despite being a developed country, the UK lags behind European countries and the USA on organic products. In Germany, there is a rule on the minimum percentage of organic products in supermarkets and Denmark is practically a fully organic nation - leagues ahead of us! Even in the US, if you go into supermarkets, the array of fresh, organic produce on offer is staggering. We need to catch up! Especially now, with far more awareness about our health & fitness, we need to up our organic game. Thanks for reading and being part of our organic movement!

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