Top 10 Protein Recipes

We are constantly creating different recipes over at WHEY AHEAD® HQ, experimenting with our organic protein and ways we can use it differently than just a protein shake (although our shakes do taste great!). Let’s cover that off first. If you're going for a plain shake, we suggest 150ml of water, or organic whole milk. If you’d like something a bit more interesting, try a flavoured milk like almond or rice milk. Nowadays you can get some really great tasting flavoured organic milks. All varieties taste great. Below though, we've got a little more adventurous and compiled our top 10 protein recipes

We've found that a scoop of WHEY AHEAD® is a great addition to smoothies. Any kind of smoothie you like. We particularly enjoy our Peanut Butter & Banana Protein smoothie but there are many other fruity ideas over on our recipe page (find some examples below).

1) Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie:

Another classic is the nourishing green vegetable smoothie courtesy of our brand ambassador, Monique Cormack from Nourish Everyday blog. Delish. It’s nice to ‘shake it up’ (excuse the pun!) and go savoury every now and then!:

2) Green Vegetable Smoothie:

Our Naked/Unflavoured protein is also amazing at higher temperatures and can therefore be cooked with really easily. We've discovered that it's a great, gluten-free, protein packed substitute for flour! Here are some examples of how it can be used from protein balls to pancakes to savoury breads!:

3) Chocolate Protein Balls:

4) Protein Pancakes:

Some of these ideas help enrich your daily diet with protein from breakfast through to dinner. They can also be used for protein snacks throughout the day before/after exercise. One of the best starts to our day over at WHEY AHEAD® HQ is a nice warm bowl of protein porridge – nothing better to get the team going from strength to strength! You can mix a scoop of protein in with the milk to make the mixture or sprinkle it on top. Our favourite to use is Peruvian Chocolate for porridge, adding a chocolatey and indulging edge :)

5) Protein Porridge:

6) Berry Blast Smoothie:

7) Cacao Protein Yoghurt:

8) Oat, Apple & Walnut Protein Flapjacks:

9) Sweet Potato & Rosemary Bread:

10) Blackberry & Apple Protein Smoothie: 

We hope we've given you some fitspiration for ways to use your protein more creatively. Shakes are a great, on-the-go convenience drink but if you have a bit more time, try out one of these recipes one time and let us know how you get on! Happy recipe making! Check out more from our nutrition blog.

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