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Get leaner faster with organic protein!

Getting fit isn't an overnight process. It's about building sustainable habits for your long-term health & wellbeing. However, there are some hot tips we can share on why protein can help you get there a bit faster. If you're new to the world of protein, this will also hopefully dispel some of the myths.

Myth Buster - drinking a protein shake won't make you turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight! He spent all day, everyday training and eating a ridiculous amount of calories to achieve his muscular body. Unless you're a full time, dedicated bodybuilder, this won't happen to you. Trust us, we go to the gym most days and have a protein shake multiple times per day and still don't look anything like that! 

So how can protein help you get lean?

Protein helps repair our bodies. Simple. It rebuilds damaged cells which includes muscle tissue that we stretch and tear when we work out. When we digest the protein from foods or protein shakes, our bodies break it down into amino acids. These small particles are then transported to where they are needed in the body in order to carry out the building work!

To get that lean, shredded look, we therefore need to assess how much protein we get in our diets. Proteins are literally the building blocks for muscle. Remember we are not talking extreme muscles unless you are Arnold as described earlier.

Protein comes in many forms. It's in foods like meat, milk, eggs, lentils and other pulses. It's also in many other fruits and veggies in small quantities. Check out the back labels on your groceries and it's surprising where you can find protein. The key thing is to know how much you need and where your best sources are from each and every day. Sounds simple but we bet most people don't really think about how many carbs, fats and proteins they are consuming and whether they are getting enough or too much of each one at each meal. The NHS website in the UK comments that most people in Britain don't get enough protein in their diets - it's the neglected nutrient.

Why do you need protein regularly? Think of it like a graph : you don't want lots of ups and down (peaks & troughs) but rather a nice even balance of nutrients each day. It also helps prevent excess. If you get to 17:00 and suddenly realise you've not had enough protein and you decide to eat 10 eggs, a) might feel pretty sick, and; b) your body will say "what's going on?!". It won't know how to process the excessive intake and probably, like with anything eaten or drunk in excess, the surplus calories to your daily requirements will be deposited as fat. Particularly if you've not been active that day. Calorie intake should balance out with energy expenditure (calories out) and depends on activity level.

Leaner Faster

This will clearly depend on your fitness goals, dedication and diet combined. We are talking about protein though. So, if you've covered the fitness goals and dedication part, we'll explain why protein is a good focus point for a leaner outcome. As mentioned above, your whole diet needs to be assessed and we've written some previous blogs on how to achieve balance with this. In terms of protein though, you need to be getting it into your body often/regularly. The whole basis for protein shakes are two-fold. 1) they are convenient because you literally just mix the powder with water or milk and off you go, and; 2) they help you easily and measurably top up that daily protein intake. For example, our shakes have 20-27g protein per serving scoop. You therefore know where you are. If your daily requirement is 100g of protein, you know after one shake, it's only 73-80g left to achieve. By making your life easier, we believe get leaner is achievable faster. 

The other and probably most important part is about the type of protein. We mentioned earlier about the different sources available from your diet. The same goes for protein shakes. There are many forms including casein, creatine and whey (most common). The benefit of whey protein is that it's widely known as the fasted absorbing protein! It's always a good idea to get protein into your body quickly after working out because your body is vaso-dilated (open for business!) and able to transport nutrients around to where they're needed fast. May as well make the most of the opportunity! So, not only is whey fast absorbing, but protein shakes themselves help with the speed due to the liquid form of the protein. Win win:)

Organic Benefits

Lastly we'll just add a bit about organic protein. The added benefit of choosing organic is that it's the undisputed best quality you can get. If you really care about what goes into your body nutrient wise, it's a good call. The nutrient density is higher because there is no contamination of ingredients and the process of making the whey itself is gentler therefore preserving the biological value. Let's face it, if you're taking something regularly, you want to ensure it's good for you. You also want to make sure that the quality is there to maximise the results from all your hard work training. For us, organic is the WHEY AHEAD® for all of these reasons plus a long list of other features which you can find on our product pages

We hope you've learnt something new by reading this. Any questions just drop us a line and next week we'll cover some of the different user groups of protein which include vegetarians, professional athletes like our double gold Paralympic Champion brand ambassador Richard Whitehead MBE, people recovering from broken bones, injury or illness, the elderly, and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Keep up the good work fitfam and speak to you soon. All the best in health & fitness, Team WHEY AHEAD®.


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