How to make your own Isotonic Sports Drink

Isotonic sports drinks sound fancy, are expensive to buy and often contain additives such as sweeteners & colourings which you might not want. We want to show you how to make your own so you no longer have to buy them!

Firstly what is an isotonic drink? Well, it's simply an energy drink taken DURING exercise to help in 2 ways to directly impact/improve your performance:

  1. They help rehydrate you by replacing fluids lost during exercise (water) and refuel you by giving you back some energy (glucose/carbs)
  2. They replace electrolytes (salts) lost when you sweat

They could not be easier to make and by 'doing it yourself', you know exactly what you're putting into your body AND it saves you money! Watch our 2 minute video to find out how:

In this video we used tomato juice because it's packed with antioxidants to counteract free-radicals but you can use any unsweetened fruit juice you like such as orange, apple, grapefruit etc. (ideally fresh or not from concentrate). You could also use glucose if you don't want to use fruit juice but if so, use 30g per 500ml water and the same amount of salt. 

We made up a 500ml bottle but if you wanted a larger 1 litre drink, just double all the measurements.

We hope you've found this helpful fitfam. More nutrition tips over on the blog :)

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