Honest Ingredients and Information is our philosophy!

We've made it our mission at WHEY AHEAD® to pull out all the stops and give you the cleanest possible organic protein supplement known to humankind! 

It's the first in our trio of values : CLEAN | STRONG | ORGANIC because it's so important. We were sick and tired of seeing a list of unpronounceable ingredients in regular, everyday protein brands. Clean eating isn't just about getting your 5 a day or eating your greens. It's far more than that. It's about being informed and knowing what you eat. Our bodies are the engines that transport us through life and in order for them to perform for us, we need to give them the best quality nutrition! 

For us, being clean & honest is a combination of two things 1) Ingredients (not just freshly washed!) and 2) Information.

Our ingredients are 100% organic. This means that they are guaranteed not to have been exposed to chemicals, pesticides or anything nasty at all. They are the definition of clean in our minds. We are finding that more and more athletes including our Paralympic brand ambassador are using WHEY AHEAD® for this reason. With organic ingredients, there is added assurance that no banned hormones or chemicals were used in the farming processes that make them: #cleansport.

The second part is information. It's critical to keep you informed and up-to-date with everything we do. We are transparent so you can ask us anything. You might have already seen that we test every batch to validate the ingredients and post the certificate in our FAQ section. Just one of the ways we keep the way we operate clean and honest.

So, that's why WHEY AHEAD® is the cleanest protein shake available. Clean up your gains and #GoOrganic with us. It's the WHEY AHEAD® for health & fitness.