Protein's not just for bodybuilders!

You might be surprised to know that our customers are not all bodybuilders! Yes, our organic whey protein is used by bodybuilders and professional athletes like our Paralympic brand ambassador, Richard Whitehead MBE because it is the cleanest and best quality protein supplement available in the world of Sports Nutrition but we have many other users for different reasons like the 5 below:

1) Vegetarians for example, find that our protein ticks all their boxes because it is 100% vegetarian and respects animal welfare due to the organic certification we hold. Vegetarians often find it difficult to source enough protein from their everyday diets so an occasional, high quality protein shake is a useful top-up, especially if they are gym-goers!

2) Men & women who are trying for a baby or indeed (in the latter case!), pregnant or breastfeeding are another type of user of organic protein. Why? Because a lot of fertility specialists recommend unprocessed, natural foods & drinks when trying for a baby because there is a lack of chemicals and other fillers/ingredients which may not be beneficial to the process. Dr Glenville PhD is the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health and former President of the Food and Health Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine, is referenced in an article about '10 ways to boost your fertility', as advising to "buy organic food - because it's more nutrient rich and because harmful pesticides are eliminated - and to eat a variety of foods, including fish, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables". The full article can be found here. Pregnant and breastfeeding women also need more calories and sufficient protein in their diets. 

As we've highlight before, an organic license means that all ingredients are checked & inspected ensuring that no antibiotics, hormones, fertilisers, genetic modification or anything like that enters the organic food chain. Our founder Ethan's wife is currently pregnant and went 100% organic in her diet & lifestyle before conceiving - all food & drink to nail varnish, bubble bath & shampoo! It's up to you to make the right choices for your body of course, but feeling like you are positively thinking about and in control of your consumption can only be a good thing.

3) Specialist diets - next we have those who believe in specific movements in /thinking about diets. We've covered clean eating many times and our belief in eating a wholesome, real food, balanced diet. It goes without saying that organic fits the bill for clean eating as you cannot get any cleaner! We then have the Palaeolithic eaters. This group like to eat similar to a caveman or woman diet - grass-fed cuts of meat and natural things like milk & cheese and avoid things that are created by humans or processed like bread etc. Organic protein is appealing to paleos because it contains no additives or anything artificial. It is straight from grass-fed cow's milk:) Raw & cold-pressed juices are becoming more and more popular and cooks like Hemsley Hemsley advocate good + simple foods which are not over-processed. They take a pragmatic view though, not going 100% organic but prioritising the clean fifteen foods & drinks where they can. Let's face it, it's difficult & expensive to go all out organic but getting the right nutrients from organic produce and overall balance in your diet is key in our minds. 

4) Free-from diets - there are a group of people who are unfortunately intolerant to certain things found in food & drink so follow a free-from diet. There is a great show that we exhibit at each year called Love Natural, Love You. It's free to the public and is an amazing environment to learn about all types of foods & drink. They have a dedicated 'free-from' and organic section which we recommend taking a look at. Our protein is gluten free and soy free. We were passionate about ensuring this when we were perfecting our recipe. A lot of protein brands use soy lecithin in their blends but we refused to because it is just unnecessary in our minds. You'll never find a strange looking ingredient, any chemical traces, artificial sweeteners, fillers, artificial flavours or colouring in our products. We guarantee that.

5) Professional athletes, bodybuilders & gym-goers. We touched on this at the top of the blog. These people use organic protein because it's the best quality available and therefore has a higher biological value to help replenish their muscles. The clean ingredients result in a stronger performance hence our motto - CLEAN | STRONG | ORGANIC. With the world of sport being peppered with cheats and anti-doping becoming more and more important for transparency and a level playing field, a clean protein supplement is essential. We and many athletes who trust our products are passionate about this. #cleansport. 

We want organic to be enjoyed by as many people as possible and we thank our variety of different customers for their loyalty. We believe organic whey protein truly is the WHEY AHEAD® for healthy & fitness. CLEAN | STRONG | ORGANIC

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