What Happened When I Went ‘Matcha Green Tea-Total’ For A Week


Instead of my normal morning cup of coffee, this morning I brewed up a Matcha. Because it’s such a delicate fine powder, I’ve found that mixing up 1/4tsp Whey Ahead Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder and 1tbsp cold water into a paste before adding hot water not only helps the tea dissolve more evenly in the cup, but the cold water protects the delicate Matcha from being burnt by the hot water. You’ll know if you’ve burnt your green tea leaves as it they’ll taste bitter. Starting my day with a warming mug of smooth and silky Organic Matcha has made me feel wonderfully wholesome, like I knew it was doing me good. I’m already pleased to be kicking my coffee habit and I’m looking forward to seeing what drinking nothing but Matcha for a week will do for me.

It’s been over 24 hours now without my regular caffeine fix and had a pretty intense headache this morning. It’s bad news for my body knowing that it has come to depend on that morning cup of coffee to function. I’m going to stick with Matcha and hope that it helps me overcome this! I’m told that even though Matcha Green Tea contains as much caffeine as half a regular coffee, the ‘rush’ and ‘crash’ effects are avoided as the antioxidants and amino acid content of the Matcha slows down the release of the caffeine. I’ve definitely noticed this already, as I seem to be much more focused and alert in the office despite not drinking coffee today. By mid-morning I’d normally be on coffee number two or three (the team’s coffee making facilities live right on my desk so who can really blame me for drinking so much of the stuff!) but today I’ve stuck to my Matcha and I’m feeling good now that the headache has gone! It’s reported that Buddhist monks used Matcha to keep them focused through long meditation sessions, so I’m absolutely sure that my productive day in the office has been helped along by my mugs of Organic Matcha Green Tea.

I fancied trying something new today so I spiced up my morning Matcha and paid hommage to my old coffee-addicted ways with a Matcha Latte. I started by mixing up a matcha-paste with a little cold water again in the bottom of my mug but this time filled it to the top with steamed rice milk. So simple, I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner! I guess any kind of milk or milk alternative would do the trick; cow’s milk, soy milk, almond milk or even coconut milk. It was raining this morning when I got up and this Matcha Latte was lovely and comforting, warming me through without leaving me feeling groggy later on. I could get used to this new coffee-less lifestyle!

After the success of yesterday’s Matcha Latte, I made one again this morning. I then had a brain wave – my Organic Matcha Powder doesn’t just make great tea…so I bet it could be added to loads other stuff! Because of the energy-boosting effects of the caffeine and anti-oxidants, perhaps Matcha would be a perfect addition to a pre-workout shake? I was definitely onto something here… I have been lacking energy and motivation lately and going to the gym has been increasingly difficult, so I was already excited by the thought of a new energising pre-workout! I have been more and more sceptical of traditional pre-workouts since embarking on an organic lifestyle - when I strive to avoid chemicals and toxins in my food, why would I continue to take something that’s packed full of synthetic ingredients I can’t even pronounce that leave me itchy and red-faced? With this in mind, I threw in ½ teaspoon of Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder to a scoop of Whey Ahead Naked blended with water before I hit the gym this afternoon. Call it placebo-induced or so-pleased-with-myself-for-coming-up-with-such-a-great-idea-induced if you will, but I had a great workout today! I would often have just a black coffee before training so I wish I’d thought of this sooner. Matcha will definitely become a permanent part of my pre-workout routine!

I’m feeling proud and confident today in my little lifestyle change. Although someone did walk in the office with a cappuccino this morning and it did smell amazing. So apart from missing the taste of coffee, I feel like I’m no longer a walking “don’t talk to me unless I’ve had my morning coffee” meme. In fact I’m so pleased with this small change I’ve made that I proudly took my handy little tube of Organic Matcha Powder along to a friend’s house this afternoon when I popped round for a cuppa. She was quite impressed by my “posh green tea” and it’s reported benefits but being a girl of English Breakfast Tea with two sugars, she wasn’t a fan of the earthy taste. However, a drop of honey and a squeeze of lemon had her scrolling through wheyahead.com in no time!
We’re improving the nation’s health one cup of tea at a time :)

My Saturdays are pretty jam packed, starting with boxing (anywhere up to 3hours of training) and often with some work or PT clients in the afternoon, so I start my Saturdays with a decent healthy breakfast that I know will see me through! I’m no stranger to adding a scoop of Whey Ahead Organic Protein to my porridge for protein-packed breakfast fuel, so I thought I’d go one step further today and add Matcha to my proats for the energy boost too. I must say it went down a treat! I loved the colour and added some pistachios to compliment the green tinted oats :). These Matcha Proats literally has it all: complex carbs, protein, healthy fats from the nuts, and an energy-boosting superfood! What more could a girl want!

Today I looked back at my Matcha Green Tea Total week, with of course, a cup of Organic Matcha Green Tea :). I’ve made tea, tea with honey and lemon, lattes, pre-workouts shakes, added it to porridge…and I haven’t even thought about juices and smoothies yet! The world is literally my oyster and I plan to explore many, many more Matcha recipes! I have definitely felt the benefits of the Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder: more energy and focus, no caffeine crash and no withdrawal headaches either! I think I’m officially converted: coffee addict to matcha-obsessed. We’ll be dreaming up new and creative ways of using Matcha in our diets so watch this space for recipes to come!

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