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Real Food, No Fads

We were inspired to write this after watching a recent TV programme which gave people a crash or fad diet to go on in order to lose weight quickly. They had a short term goal such as a beauty shoot, sports comp or wedding to aim for. 

The participants were given different types of diets ranging from green smoothie only (pretty much a liquid diet), to the ever popular beef broth drinking diet, to points based systems and then to clean eating. The latter seemed much more sensible to us and the results were pretty much the same from all of the diet choices. Don't be misled by the word diet though.

What's clean eating? It's probably the simplest of all diets and it's actually not a diet at all, it's a lifestyle choice. It's about choosing to eat cleanly, purely and the best quality. Clean eaters care about hidden ingredients, unnecessary additives and avoid things which have no nutritional benefit. They simply cut out those things and switch to wholesome, natural and organic foods & drinks. It's actually an enjoyable way of life and we are big advocates of it over at WHEY AHEAD® HQ. 

Eating clean is sustainable - not just for your lifestyle but organic in particular, is good for the natural environment. For us, it's not necessarily about counting or worrying about everything you eat either, because if you eat good quality nutrition, your body performs better. You have more energy, vibrance, are able to keep active and well. Wellness is what we are all about. We do not promote using our organic protein shakes as a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet so they are not meal replacements like some companies recommend. We do not believe in skipping your meals during which you gain essential vitamins & minerals. Our shakes are a high quality, organic convenience tool to help you top up the protein in your diet on-the-go and especially after working out.

We want to see more and more people choose quality, real food over fad diets.

Diet should represent balanced food intake, not restriction. We need good, healthy diets. Don't cut corners when it comes to that. Of all things in life, we should prioritise our health to that we can enjoy living to the maximum. Losing weight is not an overnight fix. It's a journey. Developing lean muscle is not a quick win either. It takes hours of effort and there is no magic wand. This shouldn't worry you though. The best things are worth waiting for or life would be boring. Try and plan out how you could improve your food and drink intake to eat more healthily and enjoy the process of building great habits over time. Our point is, don't be intimidated by these fads. Not all of them are scientifically based and a lot of the time they are a short-term craze which soon fades. The biggest issue is the ups and downs you might experience emotionally. If you lost a lot of weight quickly, you might feel elated but what if you then were so sick of the fad diet that you reverted back to old habits and put the weight back on? You might feel like you've crashed. These mental highs and lows are no way to feel great about yourself all the time. Form long-lasting habits which you can sustain and you'll soon always be shining. Balanced nutrition from whole, nutrient dense, organic high quality sources is surely the WHEY AHEAD®?! Let us know if you agree!

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