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Is Your Food & Drink Certified Organic or Not?

We were speaking to some customers recently and they didn't realise the difference between certified, official organic and not. It’s not uncommon as these kinds of things are not widely publicised for some reason. True to our spirit of wanting to help educate and inform you, we wanted to write a quick blog post on this.

Anyone can use organic ingredients in their products but in order to ensure they are from approved organic sources, they have to be certified as organic and carry an official license to operate. We know that there are unfortunately some businesses who do not act with integrity but cut corners when it comes to obtaining a full organic license. These types of organisations will promote themselves as organic but not actually be certified. It undermines the organic movement which is working so hard to offer people a clean, chemical-free, organic choice. A choice which gives assurance to the consumer that what they have purchased is genuine. The real deal.

Companies are not allowed to state 'organic' on labels unless they display a logo which proves they are certified. The certification body logo (in our case, OF&G) is optional but the EU Leaf logo above is mandatory. It might appear in its signature green colour or in black/greyscale. We’re proud to be certified by the UK’s leading organic control body so display both of the logos on all our products.

Organic certification schemes intend to keep high standards and inspect businesses to make sure they are following the rules. We have to be fully tested and inspected each year in order to maintain our license to trade. You can actually report any packaging that states 'organic' but is not certified as such to Trading Standards.

Being a certified organic business like we are, involves a great deal of correct, ethical sourcing, record keeping, site inspections, and is an expensive accreditation programme. We want you to know the difference between legitimate, licensed organic businesses and bogus ones, so make sure you check your labels fitfam - it's a sign of good, honest quality! The whey things should be (sorry, we just cannot resist a good pun!). #GoOrganic



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