Inside The Cupboards Of A WHEY AHEAD® Brand Ambassador

Welcome to my kitchen! It’s the real heart of my home, where all the creativity and fun happens. It’s where I am now, writing this article, on my laptop at the breakfast bar, because it has great lighting and it’s where the kettle lives (I’m never more than arm’s length from a cup of tea at any one time…) I love to get creative with healthy recipes that’ll go well with my organic whey protein so my cupboards are packed with great ingredients and handy tools for me to work with. I’m excited to give you a tour of my kitchen, where you’ll discover my favourite foods, my top nutrition hacks (that might surprise you!) and the things I think no kitchen cupboard should be without.

The Tupperware Lifestyle

Do you aspire to eat healthy foods every day? You gotta be prepared! Unfortunately, modern life can often mean unhealthy food choices due to the abundance of fast food that has made itself a staple in our culture. It can be tricky to hunt down healthy lunch options if you are out and about. I have a cupboard dedicated solely to Tupperware as I have found that being prepared is the key to nutritional success! I prepare most of my meals in advance so that I can take them with me along with my organic protein if I’m going out for the day or to the gym, so that I can guarantee all the foods I’m eating are the best quality.

Arm Yourself!

One of my favourite trends at the moment is the smoothie obsession! It’s such a fab way of cramming in lots of fruit and veg into your diet, and lends itself as the perfect natural protein shake partner, too. I recently grabbed this handy Braun blender that has become my best friend in the kitchen! It has a tonne of uses, and its small size means it easily fits back in my bursting cupboards after use, too.

The Whey Ahead Shelf


The shelf right at the front of my kitchen - the easiest to get to and right at eye level - is home to my organic whey protein, naturally! The pouches look fab in my kitchen with their natural packaging and are ready for me to grab at any time. With one of each of the flavours, I’m able add a scoop of natural whey protein to just about anything! Check out some fab protein recipe inspiration here.

Frozen Fruit & Veg

Here’s something that surprises many people: most of the fruit and veg I buy is frozen! In addition to making sure I have organic whey protein, I follow the ‘dirty dozen/clean fifteen’ guidelines where possible, too. Many supermarkets offer some organic frozen fruit and veggies these days so it’s becoming much easier to do. The nutrients are locked in right from the start and the produce isn’t deteriorating or losing nutritional value as it sits on the supermarket shelf or at home later. Plus, how awesome are frozen berries in smoothies?! Buying frozen, along with planning and preparing meals in advance, means I waste absolutely no food in my kitchen!


Having lived in China, I learnt so much about green teas, including the enormous health benefits. I’ve had the opportunity to explore many different types of tea so now I have all kinds of flavours for all kinds of occasions! From energising and uplifting, to calming and relaxing, my tea cupboard literally has it all. No tea collection is complete without the King of all green teas: the Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea.

Wok O’clock

Another great food hack that can be learnt from the Chinese is the way they cook their food. The traditional Chinese method of stir-frying at a high temperature in little or no oil also preserves nutrients due to the quick cooking time, and leaves you with vibrant, fresh tasting ingredients. Steaming vegetables for only a couple of minutes also helps to retain vital nutrients and is renowned for being the best way of cooking food. I couldn’t be without my wok or bamboo steamer, as you can see they’re well-loved! 

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