Ingredient Focus : Lucuma

We pride ourselves on being honest & transparent in a world of so much misinformation. We therefore want you to know everything about our products and keep you informed. That means telling you about our superfood INGREDIENTS which are all 100% organic. We love what we put into our products and spent two years carefully sourcing the very best quality ingredients for WHEY AHEAD®. So let's tell you a bit about them...First up, Lucuma.

Never heard of it? You're not alone. Lucuma is a yellow-orange coloured South American fruit and looks a bit like an avocado (in our minds anyway!). It's from Peru where it's very popular for sweetening foods like ice-cream and known locally as 'Inca's Gold' because the Incan's relied on it as a natural source of sugar. 

Lucuma was the perfect choice to sweeten our organic products. Not only does it taste amazing - like caramel or maple-syrup, but it has a wonderful creamy consistency and blends beautifully into our organic protein powder. It also has many nutritional benefits which are great for our health and fitness.  

  • We only use certified organic lucuma which is processed at low temperatures to retain its natural nutrients.
  • Lucuma is rich in vitamins B1 and 2 and also contains B3 and 5.
  • It contains fibre, iron, potassium, beta-carotene, phosphorus and calcium.

    We only use Lucuma in our flavoured organic whey protein powders because our Naked WHEY AHEAD® has just the one ingredient; whey. Here's a few more fun facts about Lucuma to finish:

    • Tribes in Peru have linked the lucuma fruit to good fertility.
    • As mentioned, Lucuma or ‘lucmo’ in Spanish, is a favourite addition to ice cream in Peru and Chile.
    • The trees which Lucuma grows on can grow up to 20m high and live for 500 years! No wonder the Incas called it 'Inca's Gold' - what a plant!
    • Lucuma has been celebrated spiritually since ancient times.

    We hope you've enjoying reading and learning a bit more about our ingredients today. we'll post our next ingredient focus soon:)

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