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What is Matcha Green Tea?

Ah we love a good pun even if it makes us sound like we have an Italian accent! If some of you are wondering what Matcha is, this blog will help you out!

Basically, Matcha is a Japanese Green Tea but one with a difference because a) it tastes different (better in our opinion), b) it has a higher nutrient value and 3) it is generally powdered like ours so dissolves easily in hot water...meaning you don't have to dodge the teabag every time you take a sip!

There are 3 grades of Japanese matcha available : basic, premium and ceremonial.

Ours is ceremonial-grade which is the highest quality matcha green tea. Why? Because the tea is grown more gently in the shade to preserve its nutrients and only the best, smallest tea leaves from the tip of the tea bush are hand-picked. It's then ground by hand into the finest of powders so it dissolves easily in hot water. Not only that, it's organic so you will not find any chemicals, GMO, additives or nasties in it. 

Matcha has been drunk as part of the Japanese tea ceremony for 900 years and is used by Buddhist monks during long days of meditation for increased mind-focus. It's said to have energy and metabolism boosting properties and it's also packed with more antioxidants than other green teas (some studies show up to 137x more). 

The greener the matcha is, the higher the quality, and ours is bursting with colour and vibrancy as you can see from the picture above. Ceremonial-grade matcha green tea has a smooth, slightly sweet flavour which makes it taste luxurious. 

In terms of usage, many people drink matcha for pure enjoyment, others because of it's antioxidant content, energy and metabolism boosting properties. At Team WHEY AHEAD®, we like to put 1/2 a teaspoon into our organic protein shakes as a great pre-workout drink. 

We love our Organic, Ceremonial Grade Matcha so we have taken extra care with its packaging. We use these cute FSC approved kraft tubes because they are a more eco-friendly alternative to how matcha is normally packaged (in tins). They are also recyclable.

If you do try our matcha or just love matcha generally, let us know - we'd love to hear from you!

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  • antioxidantsCeremonialCeremonialgradecertified organicDetoxecofriendlyGreenGreenteaMatchaOrganicpremiumsuperfoodTea

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