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Cacao : The Superfood Ingredient!

Our Peruvian Chocolate flavour organic whey protein is made from 100% certified organic cacao beans. They are organic produce from Peru hence the inspiration for the name :)

We thought we would give you some info on cacao because it's an amazing superfood. For starters, it has one of the highest antioxidant contents on the planet!

Our cacao is raw and unprocessed direct from certified organic criollo beans which are a superior, rare variety of cacao bean accounting for only 1% of the global cacao production.

How is Cacao Made?

  1. Cacao comes from raw criollo beans which are first cleaned (without chemicals) and gently dried at low temperatures to create cacao nibs.  
  2. The nibs are then ground down into cacao liquor which is similar to a large bar of dark chocolate. Yum...
  3. The cacao butter (oil) is then extracted from the cacao liquor and what's left is further ground down to create cacao powder.

Cacao is the main ingredient of dark chocolate so has a richer chocolatey taste compared to milk chocolate. The difference between everyday cacoa or chocolate and our cacao is in the making process. Cocoa and chocolate would have been roasted at high temperatures (reducing the nutrient content) and then refined sugar, milk and fats added. So, ultimately, cacao has health benefits plus it's organic which means it's free from chemicals, GMO or any added nasties.

Cacao Benefits

  • It has an amazing antioxidant content of flavonoids. One in particular called anthocyanidin is especially high in cacao. 
  • Cacao contains a number of vitamins such as Vitamin C.
  • It is packed with minerals such as Iron, zinc, manganese, chromium and anandamide, theobromine and copper.
  • It contains essential fatty acids such as omega-6. 
  • It's a source of fibre and only has a trace of caffeine. 


    We hope you've found this informative. We want you to know what goes into our products so this is the first of a series of articles focussing on our certified organic ingredients.

    Thanks for reading and stay happy & healthy! #GoOrganic 

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