The 3 Olympic Values

We've all got Rio 2016 fever here at WHEY AHEAD® HQ! We cannot get enough of the passion and excitement we've been watching from athletes all around the world and we're SO proud of Team GB for performing so exceptionally! Do you know the 3 Olympic Values though? They are: FRIENDSHIP, RESPECT & EXCELLENCE. Here's our thoughts on these:

1) FRIENDSHIP: Friendship means being there for one another. Having each other's back. In sport, people unite to take part, work as a team or spectate. It brings us together for a common goal despite any differences we may have. It's about inclusion. The power of sport & fitness can inspire us all. At WHEY AHEAD® we value our friendships and our wonderful organic fit family (#fitfam). Thank you for being part of it. We're inspired by you each day.

2) RESPECT: Being fair, knowing how to take care of yourself and those around you. Respect is a positive feeling towards others which is earned not bought. A respected person is held in high regard because they put others first, not themselves. They never put people down but instead build people up. Sport is based on respect. Respect for your fellow team players, opponents, nation and followers. Let's use the Olympics as a time to reflect on who we respect and try and better ourselves.

3) EXCELLENCE: Always giving your best not only in sport but in life. Not because you believe you're better than anyone else but because you want to be the best you can be, for you. It's a quality which drives people on to surpass ordinary standards - just like the super couple, Jason Kenny & Laura Trott who now have 10 gold medals between them! They have become the best female and male GB Olympic athletes of all time. Wow. It's the talent of achieving goals despite any obstacle in your way. At WHEY AHEAD®, we love enthusing in each other and promote that anything is possible if you believe. Be excellent fitfam! 

As you know, we have an inspirational Paralympic brand ambassador, Richard Whitehead MBE running in Rio very soon so we'll be covering the 4 Paralympic Values next. Stay tuned to find out more!


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