Meet WHEY AHEAD®'s Founder, Ethan

Cat Neligan (Cat Food Is Good For You) interviews our Founder, Ethan for a feature in the Huffington Post Mag about Foodie Startups:

A few weeks ago, I noticed my brother had a 5kg bag of mint chocolate flavoured whey protein in his kitchen, and of course we got into a discussion about the history of protein powders.

He’s been pumping iron since the stone age for 20 years or so now, and can definitely attest for the progress that’s been made in the protein supplement industry. Apparently the taste has hugely improved.

Moreover, the quality! There are now companies like WHEY AHEAD® who are taking the lead in sourcing high quality protein from organic sources – and still making them taste amazing!

WHEY AHEAD’s Peruvian Chocolate whey is flavoured with organic lucuma powder and cacao… no chemical nasties required!

Welcome to the future. It tastes incredible.

Lets get the full story of the company from Ethan himself! :


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