10 Reasons to Go Organic

When team WHEY AHEAD® are out and about as we were this summer exhibiting at the Love Natural, Love You show at Olympia, we get asked lots of interesting questions!

The main thing people tend to ask is, so why go organic and how is it different? We love this question because we're so passionate about the benefits of organic nutrition. We could go 'wax lyrical' about the merits of organic but we have simplified matters into our top 10 reasons to #GoOrganic! :

Yes, organic means absolutely nothing genetically modified gets into the food chain. Why mess with nature simply to make things grow quicker or bigger? We believe our nutrition should be naturally cultivated to allow time for things to happen as nature intended. All in good time!

This is one of the most important points as there is an alarming increase in the amount of chemicals added to our food & drink as a result of intensive farming and manufacturing techniques. Scarily, over 320 pesticides can be routinely used in non-organic farming and are often present in non-organic food. If you care about eating clean, you should always check the ingredient list of your food & drink. You'll never find a funny looking chemical or formula in our products :)

Good hormone balance and regularity is important for health. A lot of livestock is treated with hormones to bolster their production. We don't like doping in sport so why are we okay with performance enhancing drugs in our animals? With organic, hormone use is banned so there is no chance of leakage through into our food.

Chemicals cause erosion. With organic being chemical-free, it means that less of the goodness is eroded. This means maximum biological value is obtained. Recent studies have shown that organic production results in higher levels of some nutrients in food and lower levels of undesirable pesticides and chemical residues.

One of our main aims in cleaning up the supplements industry with WHEY AHEAD® organic protein, was not to add anything unnecessary to our products. This includes emulsifiers, thickening agents and preservatives but most importantly artificial sweeteners like sucralose & aspartame. We use organic lucuma (which is a Native South American fruit) to give a slight sweetness to our whey.

Similar to our point on hormone usage, antibiotics are also forbidden in organic agriculture. Unlike the routine use of antibiotics and wormers used in intensive livestock farming, organic animals are reared without this, resulting in healthy, happy animals.

This one is really important to us as an eco-friendly brand. Without fossil based fertilisers and pesticides being used in organic, there is little chance of them seeping into river and contaminating the surrounding farmland & natural habitats. It also means far less greenhouse gases are emitted as part of the farming process which is a more sustainable way of doing things. All our packaging is eco & sustainable to respect the environment and align to our organic values and commitments. 

Organic farming takes care of the land and the animals. In our case, the dairy cattle are looked after well and given access to open grass pastures all year around. This means happy cows, a happy farmer, happy team WHEY AHEAD® and hopefully a happy customer!

With so much uncertainly about the source of food & drink in recent times, organic prides itself on being a certification programme where every single ingredient has to be traced from source through to end product and end customer. Just added assurance that everything is done 100% right and 100% organically.

If your products carry this logo, they're organic. Simple as that. All of the above applies when you see this mark. It means the company has been through a rigorous certification programme like we have and can sell their products as organic. You can only use the term 'organic' if you have this and regular inspections and checks are carried out to ensure consistently high standards are maintained.


- We hope you've found our top 10 reasons to #GoOrganic interesting and useful! We believe organic is different as it means working with nature, not against it. A recent study by the British Journal of Nutrition found significant differences between organic and non-organic farming. Get clean & strong and #GoOrganic.

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