The Contents Of 15 Common Foods

It's surprising to find out what's inside some of our everyday foods.  We are always researching the contents of ingredients and sometimes go even further and look into the breakdown of carbs, fats and proteins within the ingredients themselves. We thought we share some interesting facts with you about 15 common items:

How Fitness Can Help Mental Health

It's Mental Health Awareness Week next week (8-14 May 2017) and here at WHEY AHEAD® HQ we think your mental health is as important as your physical health.

Did you see the recent documentary called 'Mind Over Marathon' on BBC1 about a group of people with mental health issues coming together to run? It was an inspiring watch. This programme brought people suffering from various conditions from depression, grief, obsessive compulsive disorder to anxiety together to run.

The Best Workout For Bigger, Bolder Arms!

So it's about that time of year when you might be thinking ahead to your summer holiday and if you've not already booked one, getting on the case! When we get those glimpses of blue sky, we start looking up and dreaming of the sun and sea and wanting to make it a more permanent feature. Alongside holiday thoughts, your mind might start wandering to beachwear and what trends and colours are in. Then you might get a split second (men & women) of worry about how you'll look in whatever you choose. Fear not. There is plenty of time still to make some great progress on whichever area you need some work on.

Nutrition Claims & Labelling - the detail

Did you know to be certified as organic, that only 95% of the ingredients need to be organic? The 5% tolerance allows for things like preservatives and thickening agents to be added e.g. Xanthum gum. These may be necessary additions for some products and 95% is a very high standard. For us though, we made the decision at WHEY AHEAD® HQ, to go 100% organic. This means that every single ingredient we use in our products is certified organic. No hidden additions. No nasties.

Organic & The Sustainability Of Our Planet

One of our brand values is to protect the natural environment through thoughtful and proactive practices. Sustainability is at the heart of the organic movement. An organic way of life promotes care and conservation. It starts with the produce itself ensuring that food is grown both ethically and using natural methods rather than intensive, chemical based ones. It's a principle based system. 

Organic Ingredients - You Are What You Eat.

You get one body in life and it's your responsibility to look after it because you cannot return or exchange it! It's a cliche but 'you are what you eat' actually makes a lot of sense and we'll explain why. 

How To Level Up Your Organic Nutrition

As a friend of WHEY AHEAD® and a reader of our blog pages, you already know the importance of making sure you fuel your body with the right stuff. You’ve got your Organic Whey Protein, but what about the rest of your diet?

What is CrossFit and our WOD?!

CrossFit has a massive following. For those unfamiliar with what it is - CrossFit isn't just a kind of all-round fitness (or cross-section if you like) which gets you fit by targeting the whole body i.e. all the muscles; it's a serious brand of structured exercise and also a competition!

Why we're not giving up anything for Lent!

There are loads of stories out there at the moment talking about what people are giving up for lent. It's usually food related items. Apparently our Prime Minister, Teresa May is giving up salt & vinegar crisps! But why should we put so much emphasis on restricting our diets? 

Light or Heavy Weights, Slow or Fast Tempo for Optimum Muscle Growth?

This is an age old question which personal trainers get asked a lot. People assume that proof of strength is to load up the weight onto the heaviest setting and grunt your way through one rep quickly. Not necessarily...!

Mindful Fitness: Improving Your Focus And Performance

Written by WHEY AHEAD® brand ambassador, Dani Needham

Ah, the gym. Why do so many of us head to this sweaty mecca each week? To get fit? Lose weight? Gain weight? De-stress? Whatever your reason, if you work on your why, then motivation will be easy (If you haven’t found your why yet, read all about Team Whey Ahead’s ‘What, Whey and Why’ Challenge here!) However despite the best motivations, over time we can get trapped in the habit of arriving at the gym and then going through the motions. Yes - you turned up, worked out, took a selfie to prove it, necked your organic whey protein and went home. But how much of that workout did you actually take in?

Ingredient Focus : Carob

Never heard of carob? You're not the only one! We're often get asked what it is so we wanted to give you some more information on this superfood ingredient that we use in our Peruvian Chocolate flavoured organic whey protein:)

Protein's not just for bodybuilders!

You might be surprised to know that our customers are not all bodybuilders! Yes, our organic whey protein is used by bodybuilders and professional athletes like our Paralympic brand ambassador, Richard Whitehead MBE because it is the cleanest and best quality protein supplement available in the world of Sports Nutrition but we have many other users for different reasons like the 5 below:

How to get leaner faster with organic protein!

Getting fit isn't an overnight process. It's about building sustainable habits for your long-term health & wellbeing. However, there are some hot tips we can share on why protein can help you get there a bit faster. If you're new to the world of protein, this will also hopefully help dispel some of the myths.

Real Food, No Fads

We were inspired to write this after watching a recent TV programme which gave people a crash or fad diet to go on in order to lose weight quickly. They had a short term goal such as a beauty shoot, sports comp or wedding to aim for. 

Week EIGHT Update : What, Whey & Why Challenge

So here it is - the end of 8 weeks of what, whey & why! What a blast it's been not just because of the speed but because it was a lot of fun. We thought we'd give you a summary of our highs and lows and of course, our final stats to help inspire you with your new year's resolutions for 2017!

Week SEVEN Update : What, Whey & Why Challenge

Ethan here and I cannot believe there's only one week left of our 8 week fitness challenge! I'm actually quite sad it's nearly over because it's been a real journey. This week i've seen real, strong progress. My body is finally feeling good and able to cope with some of the heavier lifting and more advanced moves that I was doing before my surgery. For example, I can now bench press 70kg and complete unassisted pull ups, chin ups and tricep dips. Not quite ready for weighted varieties but I'm chuffed with the progress! 

Week SIX Update : What, Whey & Why Challenge

Healthy and Happy, Not Cheap and Cheerful! A fit body (and mind) isn't just for Christmas, it's for LIFE! Dani Needham & Ethan have tried to demonstrate that fitness is a life-long, sustainable goal in this 8-week challenge. Now they're in the final two weeks, Dani updates on her experience during week six.

Week FIVE Update : What, Whey & Why Challenge

The key 'ingredient' to health & fitness success is the correct NUTRITION! If you eat right, the results of your hard work in the gym will be more forthcoming. Think of your body like an engine. In order to run properly, efficiently and at full-power, it needs the correct fuel. Food is our fuel so two things are important 1) the amount of fuel and 2) the quality of the fuel you use. 

Week FOUR Update : What, Whey & Why Challenge

Spots, Squats and Smiles by Dani Needham

Dani here reporting on week 4 and it's been so exciting to be fully back in the gym, not only to be lifting weights again but also to see my members again! Taking a couple of weeks out of work meant I hadn’t had the usual ‘face-time’ in the Fitness Club I manage for ages. I used to train in the middle of the day when the gym was quietest, but I’ve changed that now to training in peak periods in the evening so that I can have a good old chat with our members and friends, answer any questions and even provide a spot if needed! I feel incredibly grateful to be in a position where going to work actually adds to my health and my happiness, as well as my bank account!

What Happened When I Went ‘Matcha Green Tea-Total’ For A Week

Read an everyday account of when our brand ambassador, Dani Needham went Matcha Green-Tea Total for a week!

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